Researching your family tree

Researching a family tree or writing a will can be a complex job however, with a few easy tips it can be enjoyable and profitable.

Steps to take When Preparing a Family Tree

When researching and preparing your family tree there are certain steps that will make it go well such as choosing a format. Decide if you want to create a photocopied booklet for your family or a comprehensive, hard-bound book as a reference. There is printers in london that can print off your booklet. In addition, you could also create a newsletter with updates of family issues and newsworthy events. Keep in mind, you could formulate your family tree into a narrative by intermixing personal experiences with a story or write it as a memoir, focusing on certain periods or episodes.

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Decide What you Want to Write About

Once you have decided on a narrative or a memoir, then decide if you want to write about one family member or many people. For example, you could write about the person who first began the family line, or descendants of a certain person or focus your research on your grandparents. However you begin your research continue your project according to how much time and interest you can bring to the project.

Choose a Plot and Themes

Another important aspect of researching a family tree is to choose a plot and themes. Ideas you could use for plot and themes are surviving a war, being a pioneer in the Wild West, emigrating from a foreign country or starting out poor and becoming rich.

Do Some In-Depth Research

Most importantly, to ensure that your family history is interesting, find out as much as you can about the lives of your ancestors and what they went through. To do this, check out the histories of towns and cities and find out what it was like back then. Do some research on natural disasters, financial concerns and other points of interest. This can be done by creating a time-line for each ancestor by writing your material chronologically, by a person's name or character or by theme. In addition, writing a family tree can be made even more interesting by using excerpts from will, obituaries and other family records. Of course, be sure to include an index and an area for source citations.

Creating a Will Involves a Plan and Research

Creating a will also takes a plan of action, research and time. You will need to take the following steps to create a will such as a title, a declaration of who you are, your address, your last will and testament and words that you were not under duress when preparing the will. You will also need to name an executor, if there are children, a guardian for your children, details of beneficiaries, a listing of your assets, bequests made by you, funeral arrangements, your signature and signature of witnesses. It is important to note, a letter of administration is a legal document that gives a person the right to administer the estate of someone who has died.

To conclude, writing a will or a family tree can be fun and enjoyable. Follow the above steps and you will have results that will amaze and delight you!